Site Promotion – 3 Ways to Connect With Customers Online

How to Connect with Your Customers through the Internet

If you want to reach out to potential customers and nurture your business relationship with existing clients, the resources available online can be an excellent way to realize your plans. Listed below are the 3 effective ways that you can promote your business without the need for any cash expenses.

Social Networking

Building an online presence is made easy with the advent of social networking sites. This is a positive way to bond with your customers, both your existing and potential clients. You would reap benefits by establishing a Facebook account, becoming an active Twitter member, creating a page on MySpace and making your LinkedIn’s professional profile.

If social networking is a whole new world for you, you can start with a particular site that you will find most relevant and create your online network from there. Your active involvement is a must if you want to build a strong relationship with your clients online. Bear in mind that this is a networking activity and not a scheme for direct sales. Active participation is a way to develop your contacts’ trust. You will surely see the benefits as your business starts to grow.

Start Posting in Your Own Blog

Your own blog posts could bring about numerous benefits for your business. This is particularly true if your website is filled with quality content that appeals to the interest of your target market. You have to be committed to at least 3 updates every week if you choose to initiate a business blog. If they find the content of your website useful and informative, you will soon have loyal clients that would come back to your website time and again. These loyal customers will be checking your website every now and then to be able to find out the new stuff that you have to offer.

With the existing design of your website, you may be able to add a blog to it. Another way to do it is by creating a free blog where your primary site can be linked to. This is the best way to become an expert in your clients’ perspective.

Article Marketing

If you truly want to be seen as a specialist in your field, promoting your business online through article marketing is also a good scheme. There are free reprint article directories where you can submit informational articles that would attract prospective clients. Publishers of newsletters and website owners visit these directories frequently. If your articles get published, a link back to your website and your bio statement could possibly result to a whole new group of clients checking out your products and services.

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